This video is called rain from ZeEduardo on Vimeo. The description below does not refer to a storm, like the one featured in the video, but you get the idea.

Everything I’m doing at this moment is cliché. It’s past midnight. I’m listening to the sound of rain, wearing an oversized home-sweater and having a cup of green tea (which, I admit, is a little too bitter). I’m thinking about life; you know—the kind of shit you’re supposed to think about when you’re safe from tumultuous weather. Even though it sounds gorgeous, I’m almost melancholy.

I wonder how long it has been since I’ve really enjoyed the rain, unmitigated.I can’t picture a moment in which I closed my eyes and let myself be a part of it. I can only imagine myself avoiding it: covering my head with a newspaper, squeezing into a bus shelter, complaining, in a rush.

I should be going to bed—but I want to go outside and take a couple of really deep breaths, the kind that you feel touch the bottom of your belly. This is strange. I’m not one to voluntarily engage with cold, wet weather. If I were to follow through on the cliché, I’d wait until summer and lie on the grass wearing something bright and pretty. Instead, I’m eyeing my beat-up boots, which are sitting innocuously beside my dresser. For once, I’m not wondering about the likelihood of catching pneumonia.

No, I’m actually curious about how long I can stand out there, just letting it touch me.

Originally written on Dec. 3rd, 2007


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