The Digital Universe at Your Fingertips

My brain, right now.

My brain, right now.

It’s Sunday morning and I haven’t even had a cup of java yet. It’s safe to say that the following idea almost had me convinced I was still asleep and dreaming about impossibilities.

I watched this video with the same amount of awe that a medieval peasant might experience if presented with a television set.

At first I thought it must be some kind of joke . . . but having watched several TED demos, I know full well that these prototypes are meant to be taken seriously — they are, as the TED tagline suggests, “ideas worth spreading.”

In the following video, Pattie Maes explains “6th sense” wearable technology and–alluding to Tom Cruise in Minority Report–she takes “information at your fingertips” to a new dimension.

So, what do you think? Will our kids wear these devices and taunt us for being dinosaurs born last century (*sigh* which will actually be true) or is this just a fantastical idea that will go the way of the digital dodo?

Please comment!

(Admittedly frivolous side question: Does Patti Maes look like Susan Sarandon or what?)


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