PayPal it Forward

Inocencia Callan Valderrama

Inocencia Callan Valderrama

This is Inocencia. I’ve never met her before but I just lent her $25 through Kiva (an amazing NGO that I’ve blogged about before.) She’s 54-years-old, is separated, has two kids  and owns a small business in which she sells food to go. With her first Kiva loan she bought a sun umbrella and a stove. She has been doing very well. Now she wants to start her own grocery store.

It excites me to invest in Inocencia’s business, and it didn’t cost me much. I used some of the money that has been paid back to me from the other loans I’ve made. Over the next five months, Inocencia will repay me and I will be able to re-lend that money to another worthy entrepreneur in the developing world.

Yep. It’s pretty incredible.
And you know what?

It feels great every time.


2 thoughts on “PayPal it Forward

    • Thank you! Kiva really is a wonderful idea.
      Let me know if you make a loan! I’m always interested in entrepreneur’s stories

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