6 thoughts on “Adventures in Awkwardness, featuring Jonathan Goldstein

  1. Still reveling in the goodness of Goldstein… I totally appreciate that. Even three months later (has it only been that long?) just thinking back to that night makes me giggle.

    I shook J.G.’s hand in the hall and made contented murmurs at him, both of us with drinks in hand. He seemed much looser than he was on stage.

    I like your blogs Fab! Much more organized than mine. Mine are like buses… nothing for the longest time, then two or three at once.

    You’ve turned articles into blogs, but have you ever had a blog turn into an article?

  2. Thanks for the comment, Andrew. It has reminded me to get back to the chess board.

    Has a blog ever become an article…hmm. Not that I can think of…unless you count this one:


    which I orginally wrote as a Facebook note (before I had a blog) and ended up submitting to MacMedia’s Seven Deadly Sins issue.

    Actually, it’s one of my more popular posts…but I think that’s because people google “Lolita” a lot. Not likely for the reasons I would prefer.

  3. Hmmm. This is strange because I had always assumed that WireTap was a joke, in the same vein as Stephen Colbert is a joke. You know?

    It would seem, after reading this, that the awkwardness is real? Not simply a character. OMG, I now must go back and re-listen to ALL episodes of WireTap again!

    • Here’s the thing: the actual content of the show is largely scripted but Jonathan Goldstein’s personality…well, it definitely isn’t made up.

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