Waring’s Warning

Economics has got it down really tight,so that if you’re not talking their language, you’re not talking in their jargon, you’re not part of the argument.–M. Waring (3:43 in clip 3/3)

Marilyn Waring, a feminist economist, is unapologetic when speaking about the undervaluation of women’s work in the global economy. She raises several important questions about patriarchal and oppressive economic policies that, unfortunately, continue to be relevant nearly two decades later.

I am in the process of writing an essay that heavily draws upon Waring’s historically and internationally significant research, and I really feel that we would all do well to revisit and actually consider her arguments within the context of the current economic climate.

Here is a woman who calls our much venerated GDP a “uni-dimensional economic fabrication” and challenges us to disentangle cash-generating capacity from genuine value.

If you’re tempted to call her radical, know that Waring would approve. After all, she says with a smile, the word “radical” originates in the latin for “the root of things.”


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