The Talented Young Beatrice

Portrait of the artist as a young girl

Portrait of the artist as a young girl

At the tender age of thirteen, Bebe (my little sister) is uploading some pretty incredible stuff. Her Flickr photostream is a phantasmagoria of friendship, innocence, and discovery. As I look through these images, I have to remind myself that she is only in Elementary school.
Bebe’s still pretty shy about her talent. She blushes and insists that it’s just a hobby–but I’ve seen her browsing through catalouges of professional cameras and spending hours on photo-editing websites. She spends a lot of time alone in the backyard, taking and re-taking a shot until she is satisfied with her capture.

In case it isn’t apparent, I am a very proud older sister.

(Well, it’s not hard to be encouraging when she puts up flattering photos of me as well, haha.) I have to mention that she’s completely self-taught but I want to encourage my dad to put her in some workshops when she’s a little older.

Bebe uses a regular 7.2 megapixel Fuji camera (FinePix Fuji z10) with modest 3x optical zoom. She does her editing on a free online website (Picnic, I believe). I’m going to continue encouraging her to hone her skill but, in the meantime, some kind words from non-relatives may nudge her along.

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