5 thoughts on “Sign here and you can go.

    • I know what you mean. It’s part of the reason I might not even go to my grad ceremony. I hear they’re not worth it at the end of the York U conveyor belt.

      Imagine, for all these years we’ve heard that goddamn graduation tune in our heads and imagined throwing out hats up into the air (and I don’t even think that happens). In reality, we’re herded like cattle into that monstrous white tent and we fidget for eternity before finally walking on and off a stage, shaking hands with people who are bored senseless, and accepting a pin (not even a diploma, a frikin pin!). Then what? You go home and wonder why you paid so much to rent the gown.

      “…it’s been built up too much”–Mia Wallace, Pulp Fiction.

      • Oh…but I have to differentiate between my quasi-bitterness toward York as a huge hunk of infrastructure & my affection for the great profs and pockets of community that have made all the difference.

        Basically, if you ask me for my student number, I won’t miss you.

        • I’m honoured to have gotten to know Jerry, RIP. To see the image of Jerry Durlak up on the big screen takes me back to being there as “the man behind the curtain.’

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