8 thoughts on “So, You Think You Can Do Katimavik? (2/4)

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  4. Hello! I am corrently in my first year of university and considering katimavik as a gap year next year. I am still unsure if I want to jump in and go for it, though… could I just be afraid of finishing university? And I have a question for you, if you would be kind enough to answer… was it hard returning to university and getting back into the groove of schoolwork? Did you switch universities and majors entirely? I’d love to chat with you about this program, maybe by mail? I can give you my address if you’d like to write. Thanks very much for posting this blog, it provides people like me considering this program with the answers to many butterfly-stomached questions. 🙂 Thanks again! Ainsley 🙂

    • Hi Ainsley,

      It’s totally normal to be unsure. It wouldn’t be a difficult decision without some level of uncertainty!
      Personally, I was much more motivated to excel after returning to school. I never thought I would miss the classroom, but I did in a lot of ways.
      I also gained a lot of confidence during Katimavik so I found myself participating much more in discussions and being brave enough to talk to professors and TAs.
      I didn’t switch universities but I went from an undeclared major to a double-major in Professional Writing and Communication Studies.

      I can email you if you’d like to chat more. I can see the address you put in to publish your comment so I’ll contact you there.

      Thanks for reading!

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