Reviews from the 2009 Vancouver International Film Festival

The line up for the 2009 Vancouver International Film Festival

The line up in front of the Granville Theatre for the premiere of Toad's Oil at the 2009 Vancouver International Film Festival. As you can see, people just love line-ups on cloudy days.

We’ve all heard that journalism can be a strenuous pursuit.

That’s true, no doubt about it… but sometimes we gadflies do get some truly sweet gigs. I thought about that as I flashed my media pass and received free tickets to some of the best new movies from around the world. Thanks to Schema Magazine, I was able to watch, enjoy, and review four films at this year’s Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF).

If you’re interested in any of the titles, click the link to see what this rookie reviewer had to say. Shout outs to Schema for taking a chance on an unknown kid.

Sweet Crude

By VIFF Correspondent Fabiola Carletti

Sweet Crude
USA, 2009, 93 min
DIR: Sandy Cioffi

Human rage and resilience are skillfully captured in the quietly passionate cinematography, which tells a terrifying story as tastefully as possible.

Written By (Joi Sun Ho)

By VIFF Correspondent Fabiola Carletti

Written By (Joi Sun Ho)
Hong Kong, 2009, 86 mins
DIR: Ka-Fai Wai, Charles Heung, Raymond Lei

…the car crash is only the first incident in a web of fantastical tragedies, ghost stories, and cross-pollinating plots.

Cooking with Stella

By VIFF Correspondent Fabiola Carletti

Cooking with Stella
Canada, 2009, 104 mins
DIR: Dilip Mehta

The story weaves through kerala shrimp curry and kidnapping, creating a delicious plot that has got the film nominated for the Canwest Award for Best Canadian Feature Film.

Toad’s Oil (Gama No Abura)

By VIFF Correspondent Fabiola Carletti

Toad’s Oil (Gama No Abura)
Japan, 2008, 131 mins
DIR: Yakusho Koji

…in learning about his son’s life, Yazawa inadvertently takes it over.

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