Student fired from Olympic job due to links to vocal critic

The Richmond Olympic Oval. Picture by Flickr user buzz.bishop// BY-NC-ND

Darryl Bannon normally works at the Vancouver General Hospital, but for the Olympic period he took on a temporary position at the Richmond Olympic Oval.

The PhD student had barely settled in when he received surprising news: he’d been deemed a security threat, and was being fired.

The situation seems a textbook case of guilt by association.

Bannon’s supervisor at the hospital is Dr. Chris Shaw, a vocal Olympic critic and the author of Five Ring Circus .

Shaw has been unabashedly critical of the Games for years, calling them“the slickest financial scam [he’s] ever heard of.”

Bannon writes for, where he blogged about his recent dismissal.

“Just so [you] know, this is likely a legal firing,” he wrote last Thursday. He explained that VANOC and the RCMP reserve the right to arbitrarily dismiss those who may pose a risk, however remote.

“This is clearly a very grey area, both ethically and morally,” Bannon wrote. “If you start to fire people based on whom they work with, then obvious extensions of this would include who they’re related to, past girlfriends, maybe even firing them if they talk to their barber (who might happen to dislike the Olympics).”

Full story here
(Originally published by the Tyee)


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