Vancouver’s Next Gay Top Model TONIGHT!

Will Garon Hill be crowned Vancouver's Next Gay Top Model tonight?

Garon Hill may be “the nice guy,” but he has no intention of finishing last.

He’s a finalist in Vancouver’s Gay Top Model, a community spin-off of the popular American reality TV show. The amateur model will take to the catwalk tonight, where he’s hoping to outshine nine other hopefuls and get his shot at a professional modeling career. The men will be competing at Celebrities, the largest gay nightclub in the city.

This morning, I interviewed Garon, as well as host and 2008 winner Aaron Ursacki. Among other things, we spoke about what it means to walk primed and proud at this unique event, and why the glam-charity focuses on raising funds for the wellness and friendship  society Friends for Life.

Listen to competitor Garon Hill and 2008 winner Aaron Ursacki:


(I had to lose a lot of great audio to create a really short voicer for school, so maybe I’ll remix the material into something else later.)

This story was never supposed to appear here.

So, this is a bit of a tale-within-a-tale, but it’s worth mentioning. This audio story and some pictures were supposed to go up on miss 604 Rebecca Bollwit’s  popular Vancouver blog. Unfortunately, her website is down due to a distributed denial of service attack. Earlier today, she posted this very sad tweet:

“My site is the target of a DDOS attack meaning I am completely out of commision… indefintitely. No more”

Due to the timeliness of the Gay Top Model story, I’ve gone ahead and posted it here on the Fab Files instead… but let’s hope Rebecca gets her wonderful website back!



Garon prepares for tonight’s show at his partner’s place in Vancouver.

Garon lays out all the outfits he's going to wear tonight

Garon grew up in Langley, B.C., but recently moved to Vancouver's West end

Garon let me visit this morning and take all-natural pictures of him

Hips don't lie.

I also had a chat with Aaron Ursacki, the original winner of Gay Top Model (2008) and this year’s host. I couldn’t let him get away without snapping a few shots.

Aaron is known for having a silly streak

Aaron says there's a difference between being confident and being cocky. The cocky types won't make it in the industry.

The year Aaron won, the major prize was a trip to Australia


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