Everything’s Amazing & Nobody’s Happy

How fitting is it that this video choked while loading on my iPhone, and I made the “crappiest generation” face. Louis CK is a stand up comedian who just calls it like he sees it, and I’ll definitely be thinking about him next time I’m sitting in a chair in the sky.

This video has been viral for a while now, but it’s so worth sharing with those who haven’t seen it…
especially non-contributing zeros.


2 thoughts on “Everything’s Amazing & Nobody’s Happy

  1. Haha, especially non-contributing zeros.

    I think the debt and financial crisis that his generation is basically responsible for absolves you from making the “crappiest generation” face — maybe not permanently but definitely until they all break out a mop.

    Also: have you see his bit about answering his daughter’s questions? I think it’s called “Why?” — classic stuff.

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