Meal Box Madness! (an original Green College UBC video)

The unassuming meal box has become somewhat of a cultural artifact here at Green College (my grad residence). Yes, the meal box is a simple container, but it holds one of the most valuable things for us residents: good food we didn’t have to make.

Here’s the skinny: when we know we’re going to miss the sit-down dinner, we sign up for one of these specially designed sterile containers.

The trouble is: there are far more of us than there are of them.

You can see why a hungry greenie could get more than a little frustrated when others don’t return their boxes right away. When communal resources get scarce, people get crazy.

For this video (which was created for our end of year gala) I thought it’d be fun to imagine what exactly happens to the communal boxes while in the possession of others.

(Plus, I heard rumours that the things are indestructible … and who wouldn’t want to test that?)

Special thanks to Lewis Kelly, who did the final round of edits!
(Hence the horrible picture of me at the end.)


3 thoughts on “Meal Box Madness! (an original Green College UBC video)

  1. U R the bomba!! Those meal/lunchboxes would make excellent handbags – add a strap, lock and you are all set. AweSome

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