Scaffolding falls from building on to Yonge St.

Originally published by the Toronto Star

Photo courtesy of Tim Moore, Toronto resident

Fabiola Carletti
Staff Reporter

Police are investigating after scaffolding fell from a three-floor building onto a busy strip of Yonge Street this evening around 6:45 p.m.

No one was hurt, but police said that someone could have been seriously injured had they been in a car or on the street at that time. The incident occurred at a construction site close to Balmoral Ave, just south of St. Clair Ave. E.

The scaffolding, which police describe as several pieces of construction material, spanned about the length of a parking space.

Ted Molczan lives in a nearby highrise and saw the aftermath from his bedroom window. He said there is usually a high volume of pedestrian and vehicle traffic in the area, especially during work hours.

“Anything can happen to anyone,”said Molczan, “which is not to say authorities shouldn’t investigate this fully.”

Others reacted more strongly.

“I’m shocked. It really could have killed somebody,” said Jane Moore, who was across the street at the time. “The people that were around there should go buy lottery tickets.”

Moore said she was especially alarmed considering a recent similar incident, when the brick façade of a building collapsed on Gould St. near Yonge in the vicinity of Ryerson University.

“This is a serious issue,” said Moore. “This has to stop.”


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