Smarter Beach Books: a journalist’s shortlist

Photo by Gibson Claire McGuire Regester on Flickr

It is what you read when you don’t have to that determines what you will be when you can’t help it.  ~Oscar Wilde

When a journalist as smart as Kathryn Gretsinger lets you in on her summer reading short list, you pay attention.

As fellow student Jodie Martinson once said, Kathryn is a “professional human being.” She is  fantastic at what she does — both as a UBC professor and a CBC journalist — and, true to form, she recently took the time to share the source of some of her smarts with her students.

Here are her fifteen suggested  summer reads.

  1. The New Journalist – Paul Benedetti, Tim Currie, Kim Kierans
  2. The News about the News – Downey and Kaiser
  3. A Little History of the World – E.M. Gombrich
  4. The Chaos Scenario – Bob Garfield
  5. We the Media – Dan Gillmor
  6. Sound Reporting – Jonathan Kern
  7. The Elements of Journalism – Kovach and Rosenstiel
  8. Asking Questions – Paul McLaughlin (Hey! This is a former prof of mine. I can vouch for this one!)
  9. Convergent Journalism – Quinn and Flak
  10. REPORTING:  Writings from the New Yorker – David Remnick
  11. Here Comes Everybody – Clay Shirky
  12. The  Elements of Style – Strunk and White
  13. On Writing Well – William Zinsser
  14. What’s happening to News: The information explosion and the crisis in journalism – Jack Fuller
  15. A History of Canadian Journalism – William Craick

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