2 thoughts on “Washington Post declares Ottawa “cool”

  1. Wow! I go to school in Ottawa and missed Toronto so much. I think Ottawa is lovely in the warm months but hell to get around in the winter because their transit system is not that great. Hmm… this article makes me think I have to give Ottawa another chance this September when I go back.

  2. Washington DC is saying Ottawa is ‘cool’, I see government conspiracy and spy reporter written all over that article. How else are they going to get non-government people to flock to the YOW using tax payers money to sell the city that is definitely not built on rock n roll! Another ploy by Stephen Harper to get everyone on his side – YOW nightlife and cool in the same sentence is not ‘cool’. Besides Hull has a wonderful nightlife, ok haven’t been back to either city since 2005, but seriously or not so seriously.
    Isn’t there a Dunn’s in YUL? YOW or YUL who cares as long as its YUL smoke meat and it’s edible I am there!

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