6 thoughts on “How to be Alone

  1. Well be in alone is way better than be in lonely.
    Besides you have lots to think about, especially how to ‘out do’ your birthday celebration of last year.
    That was brilliant!
    Besides there is much to celebrate when you are alone.
    Such as..
    – you don’t have to tolerate other people obnoxious behaviour
    – Eat from a pot without anyone saying get a plate.
    – And if you can live with yourself, then you can survive anything.
    – do some old-fashion letter writing, it so nice to receive a letter instead of bills or junk mail. A good exercise of the brain and fingers putting pen to paper also create memories. I’m sure Andrew and your other friends would look forward to receiving your letters. Time to get a shoebox and start collecting letters and other items to create your collection which you can later share with your grandchildren. Oh yeh, I’m way ahead of you planning your next 10 years. See you in September

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