Big reporters do cry

Dave Seglin's polished photo on the CBC's website

I’m used to way he signs off on his radio stories — the expected: “Dave Seglins, CBC news.”

During the Russell William‘s trial, he remained composed, at least on air, as he covered the horrific details.

Before today, I couldn’t have imagine Seglins, a seasoned reporter and radio show host, coming out of the experience “a blubbering mess.” But in a cautionary tale that he wrote for J-source, Seglins makes no claim to newsroom bravado and admits to his own trials and tribulations.

“To my own surprise, and terror, I melted down, incapacitated by several bouts of anxiety, panic and uncontrollable dread that I’ve never felt before — and hope never to again,” confesses Seglins.

“There was no real rest. No decompression. The depravity in the story kept escalating.”

Seglins describes pushing through the physical and emotional exhaustion, working well into the night only to awaken in time to line up outside the courthouse starting at 4:45 a.m. the next day, for several days.

“I’m finding it hard to talk with anyone about this,” he explains, now that the trial has ended. “The only ones who can really appreciate the torture of those long days are the others who were there in the court.”

As a young journalist, I appreciate knowing that even seasoned professionals sometimes need help, whether it’s back-up during the reporting or counseling after the fact. It was brave of him to share his struggle, and I think all  journalists would do well to read the story behind the statements I’ve picked out: One reporter’s trial.

Remember, we are people first.


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