You can google it, therefore it’s real!

I’m referring to my first byline in the actual, tangible Nov. 16th, 2010 edition of the Globe and Mail!

Yep, if you go to the Globe British Columbia section (S) and flip to S2 you’ll see my name blazing out in BIG BLACK ALL CAPS for all the nation to see! (Well, if you still read PAPER-papers, that is.)

I wrote the story on my first day of a two week work/study practicum at the Globe and Mail’s B.C. bureau.

Interestingly, not everything we write for newspapers also ends up online, which may ding our “web cred.” See, if you tell your friends you got a byline in the Globe and they google it, you’re quickly relegated to liar-liar-pants-on-fire status if nothing comes up. (Or teased if all they see is that quick wind warning story you wrote in your first five minutes.)

So, courtesy of my iPhone and my shamelessness, here is my Google-friendly proof of publication:

Fabiola Carletti spotted in the Globe and Mail! My grandmother is proud of me at this very moment.

Sure, it’s blurry and illegible but the point is: It’s here. It’s (semi) clear. Accept it!

(I should re-name this blog post “More proof that I’m a dweeb.”)

Wait for it. Wait for it… GUILT.

There’s the guilt.

Okay, I shouldn’t be gloating so much without acknowledging that this is actually one of those grisly crime stories that we shouldn’t be desensitized to. My conscience (a.k.a. Debby Downer) says I’m a jerk.

Someone was found dead, and that’s no joke.

I’ll be following up on the story when  the autopsy results are out. No gloating then. I promise.


UPDATE: I was right to feel guilty. The follow-up story is very sad. It was a difficult one to write. The victim was identified as 34-year-old Tara Lynn Westgarde, a mother of four.


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