For all you romantic reporters

My personal favourite. Source: 10,000 words.

Dear secretly romantic reporter,

Today is Valentine’s day — and since Al Capone isn’t having rival gangsters shot this year, maybe it’s a slow news day for you.

If so, why not peruse the scores of mass-produced sentiments written by someone else. (Okay, those weren’t actually my words. I got them here.)

Options abound! You can ask someone to be “your exclusive,” convince a reluctant lover to go on the record with you, or lament the loss of the ever-so-discrete dark room.

Who knows, one little valentine may even make that stony-faced editor smile.

“Dear Ed: You gave me 400 words, but I only need three ;-)”

If you’re worried about how hard it would be to find professionally-tailored tokens of affection, fear not!  The good folks at 10,000 words have already done all the work for you! Behold —

Valentines for Journalists

❤ Part One
❤ Part Two
❤ Part Three

If their cards fail to move you and, frankly, you’re more in love with your cynical side, check out the growing collection of anti-valentines. Sample below. Happy (or crappy!) Valentine’s day!



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