Aspiring journalists: globetrotting and google can be good for you

I know it seems like I’ve been cheating on this blog again, but I can explain, I swear! I think about the Fab Files all the time. It’s still the most important blog to me.

Okay, I admit it: I’ve been channeling most of my efforts into “So, You Want to be a Journalist?” — an anthology of original advice for those that want to enter journalism and help shape the future of news. But the good news is: that blog and this one can be friends!

Here are two wonderful new entries by two awesome young women:

The interview begins online. How do you introduce yourself?

By Alejandra (Alex) Hering

In the words of online marketing trailblazer, Gary Vaynerchuck, “Everything has changed.” For journalists, the internet and social media platforms have changed everything about the way we do our jobs and how our boss’ boss makes money. As a result, today’s top editors are looking for journalists who can do it all, for less.

This is a massive opportunity. Take the time to understand how the web works, how users make money online, and how you can harness that into your next big break. For a competitive edge, you have to think bigger than print clippings in folders that you bring to interviews. The interview begins online when prospective employers and collaborators google you

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Stand out. Go global!

By Jasmeet Sidhu

The journalism business in Canada can be a tough nut to crack into, especially if you are not in a j-school (I went to the University of Toronto and did Peace and Conflict Studies). There are only a handful of internships at a handful of major newspapers, television outlets etc.

However, one way to really distinguish yourself, gain incredible skills in reporting, and really add a completely unique perspective to your writing and the way you look at issues, is to carve out your own opportunities around the world.

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Dashboard tells me I have 48 active subscribers, but since you lovely folks are not part of my extended family, I can’t bank on you loving me unconditionally. I have to tell you that my blogging will probably continue to be spotty until finals are over (I am, after all, a frantic grad student) but I will still try my darndest to keep the content a-flowin’

Thank you for subscribing. And if you’re just passing through, thank you for that too!


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