6 thoughts on “My reverse New Year’s resolutions begin today

    • Can’t you resolve to raise take on Nanowrimo & Movember? Maybe you want to write a certain number of pages or raise a certain amount of money with your mo.

      I’m totally going to tweet about this with you!

  1. I wish I had your enthusiasm– I have similar goals, but litterally cannot bring myself to accomplish anything after a long day of work! What are u reading?

    • Right now “Love Between Equals.” I’m nearly two chapters in. I also snuck more than a glance at “Post-it Note Diaries” while at a book store today.

      I hear you about being tired after work, believe me! I just read my book on the commute home, make my lunch before bed, and … okay, the exercising is not going so well.

      But it’s only day one!

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