Who are the most promising new journalists?

Former "snowballs" - anonymously submitted student questions, thrown to the front of the lecture hall. As you can see, some students kept it very general.

I have to confess right away: this post will not thoroughly answer the headline’s question —  yet.

Actually, I was hoping to borrow your collective brainpower.  Quick background: I’m the TA for the UBC School of Journalism’s undergraduate New Media course, and many of the students are interested in getting into journalism.

Today we had the students throw “snowballs” (anonymous crumpled up questions) to the front of the lecture hall. It turns out many of them are interested in how new journalists are making their way into the field.

More specifically, they want suggestions on who to watch – emerging journalists that they can see as mentors. (You know, “most likely to succeed” high school yearbook style.)

I have a few names in mind, but I’m really hoping to get peer input on this one. I’d love a good cross-section from various backgrounds and J-schools (although, more than formally studying journalism,  it’s important that they excel at practicing it). I’m also hoping to include many approaches to the craft, and I’m open to suggestions outside of Canada.

If you have anyone in mind, I’d love if you could fire off any/all of the following, where applicable:

  • Name
  • J-school
  • Current/Past employers
  • Publications in which their work has appeared
  • Platforms they work in
  • Blog/twitter feed/website
  • Link to a good sample of their work <–very important!

The only requirements are that they are new to the industry – which may or may not mean they’re twenty-somethings – and that you really think they show great potential. I’ll be sure to post the list I come up with, with priority to those that send me cross-platform samples I can show the students.

Please comment below or email me at ef (dot) carletti (at) gmail (dot) com

Thank you immensely everyone! And congrats to those already recommended by their peers!




So far I’ve including all the names suggested to me by people who have read the criteria above. I’ll include more details about the journalists I highlight in my follow-up blog post, but for now, you can:

Find them on twitter!
@jesse_mclean @buhfy @jtwittah @amp6 @AdrianMorrow @ChrisJai @DakGlobe @metrolens @StuartAtGazette @jayme_poisson @writefullydevon@LaurenAtGazette @tamara_baluja @liemvu @ziannlum @NicoleatTheSpec @robyndoolittle @klaszus@l_stone @cfedio @dylan_robertson@JodieMartinson @ardenzwelling @sarah_millar @ddale8@nonstopnicktv @erinmillar @jesslinzey@Eric_Szeto @jesseferreras @EBDuggan@allisoncross @katecallen @sunnyfreeman @thesunnydhillon


Jesse McLean

Jennifer Yang

Justin Tang

Anna Mehler Paperny

Adrian Morrow

Dakshana Bascaramurty

Beth Hong

Stuart A. Thompson

Chloé Fedio

Jayme Poisson

Amanda Ash

Devon Wong

Lauren Pelley

Tamara Baluja

Dylan C. Robertson

Liem Vu

Robyn Doolittle

Nicole O'Reilly

Jeremy Klaszus

Laura Stone

Jodie Martinson

Jessica Linzey

Zi-Ann Lum

Sarah Millar

Arden Zwelling

Liam Casey

Nick Taylor-Vaisey

Erin Millar

Kate Allen

Allison Cross

Jesse Ferreras

Eric Szeto

Rebecca Lindell

Evan Duggan

Daniel Dale

Chris Jai Centeno

Sunny Freeman

Teri Pecoskie

Iain Marlow