Best of #LessInterestingBooks: a twitter trend to bookmark!

The abruptly-ending story #lessinterestingbooks

Sometimes awful things trend on twitter, and I swear that I will quit the Internet – but then something awesome happens and I’m hooked once again.

The best trending topic of late is #lessinterestingbooks (which has apparently trended before and still has some life in it now).

Out of respect for my followers, I decided to stop re-tweeting every single entry that made me chuckle and instead compiled them here for those that missed the meme.

(I’ve also googled many that I thought I came up with … only to find that they were already out there. Some exceptions: “A Mid-Summer Night’s Nap”, “Alice’s Adventures in Portland,” “The Little Engine that Gave Up” and “Tuck Temporarily”)

If you think of any others, please feel free to share them in the comments section here, or tweet them to me @fiercefab. Enjoy!!/markumbers/status/73925287263469568!/Jennifergoodhue/status/73882107537145856!/YMsaid/status/73861907848769536!/markumbers/status/73920470155673600!/DamonLindelof/status/73846027479810048!/GeneZahniser/status/73841189761200128

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