Signing off with the Rally to Restore Sanity

In the lead up to the Rally to Restore Sanity, I linked to Jon Stewart’s gallery of sanest signs.

Now that the big event is over, I thought I’d skim the image galleries to find a few gems. There are bazillions to browse.
(Buzzfeed has posted their top 100 signs, The Huffington Post has a slew of funniest signs, etc.)

Even though I wasn’t there, and this is more of a self-indulgent collection than a public service, I thought I’d re-post some that made me chuckle.

Enjoy! (in moderation, of course)

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Stephen Colbert tapes TV show in Vancouver, Canadians meet their mocker

Cam Smith's homemade homage to Comedian Stephen Colbert

He may not be “America’s Ballsiest Pundit,” but he plays one on television.

Comedian Stephen Colbert has called Canadians “syrup suckers” and “iceholes,” has threatened to punch beavers in the face, and has encouraged his fans to come up with lewd definitions of “Canada’s history.”

But thousands of Canadians welcomed the American satirist with cheers and applause today.

At around 10:30 a.m., Colbert appeared on stage to tape the first of two Vancouver-based episodes of his popular show, The Colbert Report. The shows are being filmed in Creekside Park next to Science World (or “Sochi World” for the Olympic period) and fans are once again invited to form the live audience at the 10 a.m. taping tomorrow.

Spectators began gathering before sunrise for today’s show, though some wondered why they were lining up to enter an open field.

“We thought it was Colbert making a joke,” said Michael MacKenzie, who described latecomers racing alongside early birds when all were allowed onto the grass.

When Colbert appeared on stage, he poked fun at the large turnout.

“Isn’t there anything else to do in Vancouver?” he asked. Colbert also joked with the crowd between takes, asking them to enjoy his lines more than once. “I find the comedy gets so much fresher… Remember, this is TV y’all.”

“I think we could have filled a stadium,” said Ian Granville, another fan who explained that the advertising for the event had been relatively low-key and largely organized on Facebook and through word-of-mouth.

Some audience members brought their own props. Brian Verch placed a plastic penguin in the middle of a sectioned-off security zone; Cam Smith made a sign that read “These Iceholes love Colbert;” two huskies attended with their owners; and a few tents from Pivot Legal’s red tent campaign were set up on the hills.

Colbert wasn’t the only person to fuse comedy with current events. The Dogwood Initiative, an NGO focused on sustainability, responded to the comedian’s instruction to “bring your own snow” by pushing in a wheelbarrow full of ice — what they called a delivery from “Col-bear” nation. They also brought along a two-person polar bear mascot made entirely of recycled material.

Others had quirkier goals…

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Yogurt! The Official Food of Women!

Crack open your creamy companion and savour the satire:

Now, there’s no way that I can keep you as entertained as Sarah Haskins can, but if we get serious for a moment, this probiotic party line may actually be full of it.

In a recent article for the guardian, Felicity Lawrence points out that we may need to slurp on a little reality. Sure, we can snicker at 19th century cereal slogans that promise to make our blood redder and cure malaria—‘cause we know those are silly sales pitches—but then maybe we should ask ourselves if we’re buying in to “the ludicrously exaggerated” modern day equivalents.

While gliding through the grocery aisles, I’m sure many of us stop at the functional health foods that promise to move us and improve us, but as the industry winks with approval, more objective bodies–like the European Food Safety Authority–are not impressed.

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