Yogurt! The Official Food of Women!

Crack open your creamy companion and savour the satire:

Now, there’s no way that I can keep you as entertained as Sarah Haskins can, but if we get serious for a moment, this probiotic party line may actually be full of it.

In a recent article for the guardian, Felicity Lawrence points out that we may need to slurp on a little reality. Sure, we can snicker at 19th century cereal slogans that promise to make our blood redder and cure malaria—‘cause we know those are silly sales pitches—but then maybe we should ask ourselves if we’re buying in to “the ludicrously exaggerated” modern day equivalents.

While gliding through the grocery aisles, I’m sure many of us stop at the functional health foods that promise to move us and improve us, but as the industry winks with approval, more objective bodies–like the European Food Safety Authority–are not impressed.

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